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   Get Us Consult for your Business on WEB Matters

Most of the time, everybody aspire to be independent and look up too engage services of employee, but not have technical- know-How on how to operate a functional business and turn over on investment with the help of technology. We handle every of our client as a project to be well manage with critical analysis on problems while we use technology to proffer necessary solutions. 

System Automation Flow Projects

 Multi-Complex Websites require knowledge-base to complete Task, Programming, Back-End, Admin Sections, Access Levels and Modules.  
Our services:
♦ Website Review & Reports
Check List & Link update
Website  Content Mgt. System
DataBase Growth & Mgt. System
Website Manual, Report & User Guide ( Soft & Hard Copies)

Entreprenural Development

After skill acquisition and empowerment, learning deep on how to drive your potentials with technology in key.
Get trained on the use of technology and take your creativity, ideas and business to next level with knowledge of:
  Business & Technology Solutions
 Marketing & Accounting System
  Social Media & Advertising Skills
 ♦ Project management
 Database Analytics & Use for Business

Computer Engineering & Networking

We Offer Short and Long Period Training;
– Enginering & Appreciation
– System Networking ( LAN & WLAN)
– CCTV Security Instalation, DVR Configuration & Storage System
– Software & Apps Architeture

Website & Graphic Designs Training

Get Trained by Professional !
 We offer technical training on 
  ♦ Graphic Designs; (2 D & 3D motion graphics)
  ♦ HTML5 with CSS4, 5,6
    Programming with PHP5, .Net
    Cascade Style Sheet(CSS) & Elements
    Boostrap HTML 3, 5, 
    Java Script. 
   Open Source Software & PhPmyAdmin (WordPress, Montegro, Drupal, and Joomla etc
  MySQL Database & Cpanel Hosting Management 
   Webmail Configurations & Mobile Mail Push
  Localhost Installation & Configuration
  Outlook & Mail Merge (Send different mail to different recipient at a time)
   Social Media Activation & Content Management

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