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Technology Solutions


Web Designs & Development

We realise that sale suffer a lot of set back due to the fact that, product and service are not available to the reach of potential consumers. At SpareWEB, our robust database analytics get us to identify your potential buyers in Nigeria whom we directly project your products  as target audience who immediately take preference to purchase and increase your sales.
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Online Marketing

Online marketing through owned website, professional e-mail which gives your business more credibility than when you use a free email ID. Today, it has become a stronghold of every business in the world, thus, to maintain strong online presence in order not to looses huge sales potentials. We Get your business connected and linked with social media platform to compliment owned website to the world… read more »

Content Management System (CMS)

We offer content management systems (CMS) for existing website, rich text content to catch better attention online, we understand that better as professionals, therefore, we tailor your content to appeal to your audience. Also, the system allows you to integrate your website into new or modern website to show improvement, especially a new management structure inline with corporate re-branding, product development, and several policy change to the public.
Get a simple way to change, manage and update your website contents ( text, graphics, motion graphics, etc) easily, contact us now. read more »

Intranet & Mailing Interface

Improve your level of productivity while you safe time, which being a huge constraint for all businesses. Intranet and e-mail interface allow you to build business credibility before your customers other than third-party mail identity, example,yourname@gmail.com. The use of  yourname@domain.com for example sound pretty good and earn more credibility than gmail.com or yahoo.com.
A lot of time, business owners do not have deep knowledge about mailing interface, implication of spam-mail , junk-mails and congestion of allocated disk-space, a situation where web-mail quota limit is exhausted, therefore, website is venerable to “pause” or “blockage, and stop public display. With mailing interface, we get you a dedicated mailing system to relief you of collision or future blockage of your website cause by web-mail system quota exhaust. read more »

Advertising & Promotion

Get us to do your online advertising for your business, our ad solution helps you create awareness for your website, products and services with stunning graphics, cool tactics  to present and engage online visitors and thereby retain them to become customers. We, also get your business registered with both FREE and PAID Business Directory, to expand the scope of wide outreach and easy featured result on search engines.  We advertise your products and services on our internet assets (websites, newsletters, business directory, etc) and also, manage your advert campaigns on third party ad platforms/networks like Instagram, Facebook, twitter, Google+. read more »

Web Analytic System

Our consultants will work with you to help you understand what visitors do when they are on your website. We are able to identify features that drive and convert visitors and measure the potential audience, visibility, and “noise” about your website on the Internet.       read more »

Website Hosting

Our full featured website hosting packages offer everything you need to get your website up and running fast, securely and reliably. We offer affordable hosting and domain registration, cloud hosting packages, window and linux, dedicated and shared server hosting and other great resources for managing and promoting your website. read more »

Web Management

Managing online projects now requires the services of a diverse range of professionals which can include designers project managers, editors and marketing experts, our website management services ensure that client’s online presence continues to meet their commercial objectives.  read more »

Training & Consultant

We provide several unique training packages tailored to satisfy your specific implementation or project, also, to ensure that you receive the right level of skills at the right stage of your web project’s lifecycle. We can offer our training services at your site or at our training facilities.  read more »

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